POHL Corporation was the initial company that preceded POHL Railroad Materials Corporation, started by Walter Pohl in the early 1970s. Walter Pohl began his career in the Scrap Industry business for over 10 years, and in the mid-1970s he took advantage of an opportunity from the Steel Scrap Industry creating a business to include sales of New / Relay / Scrap Rail / OTM. He also fabricated New Trackwork Components with equipment from Bethlehem Steel factories establishing sales to Railroads and Railroad Contractors. Walter purchased 5 acres of farm land, a small tractor, and began sorting materials. Eventually this grew to 100+ acres of inventory and multiple working facilities.

In 2007, Walter sold POHL Corporation to Vossloh North America. Proud of his heritage, Walter did not sell the company name. Meanwhile, Chris Storck grew up learning the business and witnessing the work ethic of Walter. In college, Chris made a presentation in Economics class regarding Lock Spikes and he envisioned becoming the owner of POHL Corporation one day. In 2017, the Pohl name was available to re-start the business, and taking his inspiration for the scrap business itself, Chris, Mike, Dusty and Wendi are happy to be revitalizing this essential business, and contributing to local businesses as well as put their footprint into the current marketplace on the backbone of what POHL represents.

Chris Storck, President of POHL Railroad Materials Corp.,
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Chris Storck, President of POHL Railroad Materials Corp.,
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